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Have you ever looked at something and thought that would be cute if I could just add this?  Or started working on a project and realize that if only the stencil were like what you envisioned you wouldn't have to maneuver through different ones?  Well here's the answer, custom reusable stencils!!  The stencils utilize pressure adhesive for easy placement and contain the screen for easy chalking, painting or even embossing.  

More than Just a Store

Can a store be more than just a place to buy supplies? Absolutely! Our staff is always on hand to ask questions about what products are best for your project.  Reach out to use on Chalk Crafting Supplies and the Custom Home Décor you can make using cutom reusable stencils

Our Creative Team

We are makers and artists, just like you! We enjoyed chalking but thought it would be nice to have our own custom reusable stencils.  We utilize Chalk Crafting Supplies for our customers to create their pieces of art or also provide the ability to order your own Custom Home Décor.  Be sure to let us know what you are working on. Send us a picture of your finished project and feedback on how the materials worked for you. Your work could be in our next gallery show! 

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